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kelda plus Water Treatment Plant

1000 Lph - 50,000 Lph


1000 Lph - 50,000 Lph

We have a wide range of treatment plant from 1000 to 50,000 LPH.The WTP are designed on the basis of the analysis report of the raw water.Our customized units cater requirements of each and every customers.We designed and install small medium and large purification systems with 100% performance satisfaction guarantee. The treatment plant will remove excess colour,Odour,Suspended particles,Bad taste,Turbidity, Iron,Hardness, etc. in the raw water.

WTP Features:-

  • Easy installation
  • Easy to handle
  • Light Weight High Quality Multi Port Value
  • Available ranges from LPH : 1000 LPH – 50,000 LPH


250 Lph - 50,000 Lph

Industrial and Commercial reverse osmosis systems are designed according to the analysis report of water sample.All our RO Plants are carefully customised and configured.The plant remove physical, chemical contents and biological contents of raw water.Our RO plant is widely accepted due to is simple operation and ability to withstand various in feed water quality.


  • High purification
  • TDS reduction upto 95%
  • Semi /Fully automatic
  • Available ranges from LPH : 250 LPH – 50,000 LPH

kelda plus Industrial R O Plant

250 Lph - 50,000 Lph

kelda plus R O System

50-200 ltr/hr Capacity

kelda plus R O SYSTEM

50-200 ltr/hr Capacity

  • 6 Stage Filtration
  • High powered 11 Watt UV Lamp is used for purification.
  • High purification capacity of 50-200 ltr/hr
  • Suitable for industrial purpose , hotel, restaurants, resorts, schools, college, office, etc
  • Remove bacteria, TDS, harmful chemicals, pesticides from water
  • Automatic mode operation, when it connected to storage or cooler
  • High life and low maintenance cost
  • Compact model


  • Application : Suitable for drinking water from all sources
  • Purification capacity : 50-200 litres per Hour
  • Installation : Wall Mounting / table top

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